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Grades K-2 – July 2018

From Kids Spell
Catch the letters of your words before the hungry Spellasaurus eats them.

Furious Frogs

Play against the computer or friends and compete to find the most matching antonyms.

Thanks to our friend, Libby, for sharing Cirrus Insight, an educational site that highlights these fun learning games and more!

Grades K-2 – November 2017

Math Basketball
From Funbrain
Answer math problems to control your player’s movements. Pass, shoot and score!

Weather Wiz Kids
Conduct weather experiments, learn about natural disasters and more. Developed by a meteorologist.

Grades K-2 – October 2017

Pearl’s World
Help Grandma gather supplies to knit a sweater by answering math facts.

Spelling Training
Enter your spelling list or chose random words, then play games, take practice tests and more!

Grades K-2 – September 2017

Teach Your Monster to Read
Fun games that build early reading skills.

Monster Math Adventure
Help your monster go on a math adventure where you explore new worlds, meet new characters and find treasure!

Grades K-2 – August 2017

Seahorse Chronicles
from Mr. Nussbaum
Put numbers in order in this fun counting game.

Sight Words Hopper
Kids listen to the cue and find the correct sight word by jumping into a puddle.

Grades K-2 – July 2017

Kindergarten Kindergarten
This blog offers free ideas, lesson plans and videos for kindergarten teachers.

Pete’s PowerPoint Station
Hundreds of free PowerPoint presentations for kids.

Grades K-2 – June 2017

Reading Bear
Free lessons and quizzes on phonics rules and more.

10 Fun Math Games for Active Kids
from The Measured Mom
Fun activities that work the brain and the body.

Grades K-2 – May 2017
Colorful collection of games that help young students master the keyboard.

Sight Word Games
Fun games that help young students learn frequently used words.

Grades K-2 – April 2017

Color By Numbers/Letters
Print a variety of free color by number and letter pages for your young students.

Ken Nesbitt’s Poetry for Kids
Collection of fun and funny poems written for kids by award-winning author Ken Nesbitt.

Grades K-2 – March 2017

Math Flash Cards
from Learning Games for Kids
Practice adding single-digit numbers in this fun, free game.

Free Rice
For each vocabulary questions kids answer correctly, the website donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme.

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