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Schools in the News


Like many adults, students often read their news on computers, tablets or mobile devices. Some middle and high school students have never even picked up a newspaper, once our number one source for news.

There are many benefits of using the newspaper in your classroom, including enhancing reading and comprehension skills, encouraging critical thinking and the in-depth exploration of current topics as opposed to summaries and character limits found in social media.

Here are some of the many ways you can use newspapers in your classroom:

Say My Name
Have students identify and circle proper nouns in news stories.

Can I Have the Definition?
Ask students to highlight tricky words and then discuss as a class.

What’s Happening?
Pick a local current event each day and have students journal their opinions on the topic.

Student Times
Allow students to create their own newspaper. Have them choose topics, interview other students and teachers, write and edit stories and layout the final product.

How do you use newspapers in your school?