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Care Package Ideas for College Students


If you have been teaching several years, chances are, some of your favorite students are now in college. Why not surprise them with a care package?

Here are some ideas that can help college students settle in and feel at home.

Baked Goods
Nothing says love like homemade cookies or other treats. Be sure to include enough for them to share with their dormmates!

Water Bottle
Most college classrooms allow water bottles, and since college students are always on the go, hydration is a must. Consider a stainless steel bottle that will keep drinks cool throughout a day full of classes.

Scent Diffusers
Shared spaces can get smelly pretty quickly, so a diffuser is the perfect answer to combatting the odor. Most dorms do not allow candles, making diffusers a safe alternative.

Portable Chargers
Some days, college students spend the entire day on campus, leaving no time to charge electronics. A portable charger is an easy way to bring a dead battery back to life.

Restaurant Gift Cards
A break from dining hall food is welcomed by any student.

Prepackaged Food
Send healthy snacks like nuts, granola bars and trail mix that can be grabbed on the go.