Connecting the educational world to your classroom

Nature is Blooming in our Schools


Education about the environment has taken a more hands-on approach in schools across the country.

Even in the most urban areas, it is becoming more and more common to see student-maintained gardens, nature habitats and wildlife sanctuaries right on school grounds.

In an attempt to reconnect today’s children with the outdoors, the National Wildlife offers the Schoolyard Habitats program. The NWF partners with over 5,000 schools nationwide and provides tips on how to install, maintain and use a schoolyard garden.

The new outdoor spaces offer a relaxing break from the hectic school day and allow students to observe and take pride in their hard work. For schools that grow food in their garden, there is an added bonus. Studies have shown that children are five times more likely to eat food that they have grown.

Does your school have a garden or wildlife habitat?