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Carpet Squares Keep Kids Focused


“Floor time” can be two of the most daunting words for teachers of young students. When kids leave their typical desks and tables, boundaries disappear and the fidgets often come out in full force.

Carpet squares are a great way to define spaces while still allowing students to enjoy the freedom of sitting on the floor. In addition, carpet squares brighten the room and can even help absorb the sounds of a busy classroom.

We are happy to offer Lytle Kids Carpet Squares, made exclusively for SCHOOLSin. The squares are sold in packs of 24 and come packaged in an easy-carry clear vinyl bag (the bag has ventilation holes, too, so it’s safe to use around little ones!).

The carpet squares have finished edges (also known as serging) and a special Action Bac that keeps them from sliding across hard floors. The colors are vibrant and the material is surprisingly soft and thick. As a matter of fact, we have a set of the carpet squares in our SCHOOLSin office and it’s funny to see how many people are tempted to touch them as they pass by.

Lytle Kids Carpet Squares are easy to order online or over the phone. Call us today at (877) 839-3330 for assistance.