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Improving the School Desk


Back in December, SCHOOLSin was contacted by a high school engineering student who was interested in one of our combo desks for use in a final project for an Engineering Design and Development class.

Daniel Pollard, a senior at Summit High School in Tennessee, and classmates Mason Hughes and Ryan Roberts were interested in designing a more comfortable school desk, one that especially met the needs of taller students. Pollard and another group member are both 6′ 4″ tall.

Impressed by the group’s initiative and interest in a topic that lies near and dear to our hearts, SCHOOLSin agreed to donate a USA Capitol Legacy Combo Chair Desk for use in the project.

The group recently presented its final project, a transformed desk with a new rotating padded seat (pictured above). The desk was tested and tweaked until it met the high standards set by the group and test participants. Pollard said his biggest challenge was disassembling the desk to begin adding their improvements.

All members of the group plan to continue their interest in science in college this fall. Pollard will study Aerospace at Middle Tennessee State University, Hughes will study Civil Engineering at Tennessee Tech and Roberts plans to study Mechanical Engineering at Tennessee Tech.

SCHOOLSin is happy to assist these aspiring young engineers!
(Pictured left to right above: Mason Hughes, Ryan Roberts and Daniel Pollard)