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Community College Advantage


In today’s society, a college degree definitely provides a leg up in the job market. Depending on the career field, a bachelor degree isn’t always the only the avenue to explore.

According to Bureau of Labor statistics, an Associate’s Degree can lead to a thriving career in many fields and may provide a better return on investment than a four-year degree.

For example, the median pay for an air-traffic controller is $122,950 per year. While long-tern, on-the-job training is usually required, the typical entry-level requirement is an Associate’s Degree.

An article in U.S. News and World Report featured four additional career fields where an Associate’s Degree is just as valuable – and come with a better return – than a Bachelor’s Degree. Those fields include engineering technology, radiation technology and medical imaging, plumbing and heating and dental hygiene.

What are your thoughts on community college and Associate’s Degrees?