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Black History Month Activities


February is Black History Month, a yearly celebration of the accomplishments and sacrifices of African Americans in our country. Get your students involved with hands-on activities that are fun and also teach important lessons.

Wax Museum
Assign or have each student select a famous African American from today or the past. Students research their famous person and prepare a short speech, written from that person’s perspective. Have a wax museum night where students dress like their famous historian and recite their speeches to friends, teachers and family members.

Underground Railroad
After researching as a class, create your own Underground Railroad in the hallways of your school. Draw a map, hide clues and have other classrooms serve as safe houses. Encourage students to work together just as those traveling the actual Underground Railroad did to survive.

Make Art Like Basquiat
Jean-Michel Basquiat was a famous African American artist famous for his Neo-Expressionist, graffiti-type style. Learn more about Basquiat and then have students create their own masterpieces that are inspired by his style.

The website, Education World, offers more great ideas and lesson plans that complement your Black History Month curriculum. Share your ideas with us!