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Teacher Wishes for the New Year


During this year’s 12 Days of School Furniture Facebook contest, we asked teachers to share their hopes and wishes for 2017. We heard from more than 400 teachers. The most popular response? For students to be “happy, healthy and safe.”

Here are some other teacher wishes from across the USA:

Ms. Y. – Arizona
“My wish for my students is that they learn how to be kind, helpful, productive people who contribute positively to their communities.”

Ms. C. – California
“I wish for smaller class sizes for all of our students so that their many needs can be met appropriately.”

Ms. Y. – South Carolina
“I wish for our school to continue to heal. Our assistant principal passed away before Thanksgiving break. We are ready for a new start with the new year, but will continue to miss our old AP.”

Mr. M. – Missouri
“My wish is for my students to care enough about themselves and others to make a positive difference to the world.”

Ms. V. – Texas
“My new year’s wish for my elementary school is to raise enough funds to provide a new primary playground. Our playground is close to 20 years old, and we are in need of an update to make recess safe.”

Ms. H. – New Hampshire
“I wish for a year not plagued by budget cuts and tough decisions between needed supplies and teachers/staff. I wish for a year where we are able to keep creating the safe, responsible, cooperative place our students call home.”

Ms. R. – Michigan
“My wish for my students is that they learn to take pride in themselves and in everything they do.”