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SCHOOLSin recently wrapped up a partial renovation project involving several schools in the Forest Hills School District, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The project included the addition of modern and traditional school furniture, such as tables, reading couches, mobile classroom chairs and more.

We spoke with Cary Harrod, a fifth-grade language arts and social studies teacher, whose classroom saw numerous changes during the renovation.

Would you mind telling me a little bit about your new space?
“Our new learning space was designed around the notion of personalized learning. My classroom is steeped in personalized learning, giving students ownership over the pace, place and path of their learning. It consists of a variety of types of seating, including high stools, chairs on wheels, gumdrop seats, a sofa and two soft chairs. We have three writable tables, two cafe tables and three Ethos chairs. The students spend a great deal of time exploring how they best learn and the environment acts as a “third teacher”. We have developed spaces around David Thornburg’s concept of campfire, caves and watering holes.”

How did the students react when they first saw the new classroom?
“They absolutely loved it. At the “Back to School Bash”, there was total excitement and one of my students didn’t want to leave. They continually seek new spaces depending on the learning.”

What is your favorite piece of new furniture?
“I love the writable tables because making thinking visible is paramount to the personalized classroom.”

What do the students like best?
“The couch. We’ve just moved the couch to another area in the room and they’re asking for another one for the now unoccupied space. The two soft chairs are also wildly popular. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable when reading and writing?”

SCHOOLSin is happy to work with your school, whether you are replacing one or two pieces of furniture or designing an entire new learning space. Call us today at (877) 839-3330.