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Ready for Kindergarten?


Ready for Kindergarten?

To send or not to send – it’s a question that many parents of kindergarten-aged children face at the start of each school year. Some children appear born ready for school, eagerly awaiting their turn to board the big yellow bus and engage with peers away from the comforts of home. Other children may appear petrified at the idea of leaving their parents or struggle with sitting still for long periods of time.

There is no blanket answer for when a child is ready for kindergarten. What might be right for one child is not necessarily the answer for another. Parents know best about their child’s readiness and can help the child along by exposing them to educational environments like museums, story time at the library and hands-on crafts and experiments right at home.

The Ohio Department of Education provides a helpful Kindergarten Readiness Guide on its free website. The checklist is broken into four parts: physical skills, health and safety needs, personal needs and social and emotional skills. As the website points out, young children change quickly – a skill they struggled with last week might be accomplished today.

Some of the items on the checklist include:
• Does your child use scissors?
• Has your child learned their first and last name?
• Can your child use the bathroom alone?
• Does your child play well with other children?
• Does your child follow routines?

What are some kindergarten readiness skills you would suggest?