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Brett Westerlund

Brett Westerlund

Name: Brett Westerlund
School: Fruitport High School
City: Fruitport
State: Michigan
Grade(s): 9th – 12th
Subject(s): Business

What quote inspires you?
“Success always looks easy to those that were not around when it was being earned.” As a teacher and coach I think this says it all. Success comes from hard work in all areas of life.

What is your favorite color and why?
Blue – I live in West Michigan. Not a whole lot better than blue skies and looking out over Lake Michigan!

What is your favorite piece of furniture in your classroom?
4 Stand-Up Desks. Gives my students an alternative to just sitting in their seats while I talk. Towards the end of the day I have a lot of kids that have been sitting all day and appreciate the opportunity to be on their feet.

How would you describe your teaching style?
Over the years I have developed into a facilitator in my classroom. I love presenting students with information and watching them run with it. It was something I was not comfortable with initially, but over the last few years I am starting to see better results.

When did you know you wanted to become a teacher?
I knew in high school I wanted to be a teacher. I had a lot of teachers and coaches that had a great impact on me in high school and I was sure I wanted to have a chance to have that same impact on students that I teach and coach.

What is your favorite lesson/unit to teach?
Financial Literacy – Stock Market Unit
Students love it!

What is your greatest challenge in teaching?
Finding time to cover all the things I want to in my classes. Never seems like enough time!

If you could have a career other than a teacher, what would it be?
Something in the Sports Marketing field

What’s something your students probably don’t know about you?
I was an average student in high school and hated Speech Class. Now I talk in front of students every day.

If a student were to remember something about your class 50 years from now, what do you hope it would be?
I hope they would remember that I made an attempt to get to know every student in my classes. Positive relationships are very important to me.

What are your three favorite books?
1. The Bible
2. Tuesday’s With Morrie
3. I Am Third

Which do you prefer:

pen or pencil

coffee or tea

morning or afternoon

packed lunch or hot lunch

faculty meeting or dentist


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