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Buckle Up on Buses


Buckle Up on Buses

Did you know that school buses are the largest form of transit in the United States? Each day, an estimated 480,000 school buses carry 25 million children to and from school, according to the American School Bus Council.

Because of their sheer weight, size and design, school buses are also one of the safest ways to travel. On average, only six passengers die each year in school bus crashes compared to the approximately 2,000 children killed in motor vehicle crashes, says the National Conference of State Legislators. Still, given the precious cargo, even more safety improvements are constantly being considered, including the use of seat belts.

In November 2015, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Administrator, Mark R. Rosekind, emphasized the importance of seat belts in school buses.

“The position of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is that seat belts save lives,” Rosekind said in a speech at a National Association for Pupil Transportation event. “That is true whether in a passenger car or in a big yellow bus. And saving lives is what we are about. So NHTSA’s policy is that every child on every school bus should have a three-point seat belt.”

Many districts require school buses to have a seat belt for each child. As of 2015, 12 states have introduced bills that would require school buses to have seat belts installed, but none of the bills have passed.

Do the buses in your school district have seat belts?