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Homeschool Numbers on the Rise


Homeschool Numbers on the Rise

For more and more children, the commute to school is a short walk to the kitchen table.

The number of American children who are homeschooled is increasing at a dramatic rate. According to USA Today, in 1999, an estimated 850,000 students nationwide were being home-schooled. By 2011-12, that number had more than doubled to 1.77 million. About four percent of all school-age students are homeschooled.

Negative stereotypes that surrounded homeschooling 20 years ago – lack of socialization, perceived lesser education – have all but been erased. Test scores have helped dispel misconceptions. An Education News article stated, “Those who are independently educated typically score between the 65th and 89th percentile on such exams, while those attending traditional schools average on the 50th percentile.”

Have you seen a rise in homeschooled students in your district?